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As a multi-hyphenate artist, Lily possesses many skills that make them a valuable resource for artists of all kinds: actors, directors, dramaturgs, playwrights, etc.

See below for the services Lily is currently offering and what they ask in return. If there is something you are looking for not on the list, please feel free to                         and ask!

"I worked with Lily on original characters I had written. Not only did they help me discover new choices in my own work, but they boosted my confidence. I felt comfortable enough to try new things and MAKE MISTAKES. SO FUN working with them. I learned so much from their critiques and advice in just in one session. I cannot wait to work with them in the future!”


actor, writer, comedian


Repertoire Consulting

Lily has a borderline encyclopedic knowledge of contemporary and musical theater and is constantly exploring new material. They can assess your repertoire and recommend new material.

$60 for first assessment and 3 pieces of additional material. 

$40 for returning clients. 




Lily studied acting in university, including the National Theatre Institute, and Complicité, a movement based theater company in London, England. They can work whatever you need, class assignments, audition preparation, or an extra set of eyes on new material.

$25 for an hour of work.



Lily is a strong writer and has a great deal of experience editing cover letters, resumes, essays, and any other theatre related writing samples. 

$25 for an hour of work.



Musical Theatre Acting


Lily received their BFA in Musical Theatre, has music direction experience, and recently completed the Vocal Pedagogy Workshop at Boston Conservatory at Berklee in summer 2022 to better serve their MT students vocal needs.

$25 for an hour of work.

Let's Get to Work!

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