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Hi! My name is Lily, and I use any pronouns! I am a multi-hyphenate creator. I seldom meet an area of the craft I haven't tried, and I enjoy most of the ones I have! Primarily, I identify as a director & actor, but overall: I am an artist who is passionate about new and contemporary work. The projects that I pursue are provocative, polarizing, and act as a catalyst towards extensive conversation and/or debate. Since I was young, I have been interested in picking up a rock, and seeing what is underneath. These days, I explore that in my work, by asking the question: what happens when we shine a light on the parts of ourselves that we try to hide? 


Nothing moves me more than sound. I consistently seek out ways for music to play a significant role in each of my productions. My process is focused on accessing the deepest, ugliest human truths, which I believe can only be accessed through unconditional love, acceptance and an uncensored rehearsal room. 


In 2023, Lily completed their Master of Philosophy in Theatre and Performance at Trinity College in Dublin. Additionally, Lily is an alum of The Kennedy Center Theatre Director's Intensive and the National Theater Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center. Previously, they worked as a Production Intern at Hope Summer Repertory Theatre in Holland, Michigan, spent one of her favorite summers as an Education Intern at Eau Claire Children’s Theatre in Wisconsin, and spent the 2020-21 Academic Year at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center as an NTI Apprentice.  


Lily is located in Waterville, Maine. They are a co-producing artistic director at the Waterville-based community theater collective Two Cent Theater which she co-founded with collaborator Joshua Veilleux. More information about their upcoming season can be found on their social media platforms (@twocenttheatre). Her day job is in Patron Services at Waterville Creates, a multidisciplinary arts organization. Lily is the theatre camp director and serves on the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion committee, but you can usually find her at the box office – stop by and say hi!

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